Sunday, March 25, 2012

primary post

I knew once I posted about nursery I would be released, and I was. But all is not lost. I got put in the Primary Presidency and I am so excited about it. My good friend, Melinda, who is the president came up with this brilliant idea of the primary kids getting "mail".
So we made a mailbox. The kids will get post cards for their birthdays and cards for the assignments for the following week (talk, scripture, pray, etc.).
The kids are loving it and so are we. I love great ideas and seeing them happen.

I also labeled just about everything else! :) I just thought they turned out cute. We have a cute birthday bucket,

I fun tub for visitors to pick a prize,

We made a name system to let all the kids have a turn, (just 2 crystal light cans glued together with paper around them with the kids names on popsicle sticks)

and we decided to make a "I Chose the Right" jar for when kids share examples of how they chose the right during the week.

I even labeled our supply boxes in the cupboard to help us know what's in them.

This was one of the great ideas the pres came up with. It's a cute boot with a granola bar in it for when we kick kids out of primary and send them on their new adventure! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

muffin omelets

I've been seeing this idea floating around pintrest and had to try it. It was a fun meal. We actually did it for dinner. (We love breakfast for dinner around here!)

For 12 omelets:
8 eggs whipped up
1/2 C half and half (or milk) whipped with eggs
1-2 teaspoons salt (I always go for more, but my husband likes less) whipped in
Grease your tin cups
Pour in tins
Add your "toppings" into the tins (ham, green or red peppers, spinach, onion...)
Sprinkle your desired cheese on top.
Cook 20-25 min @ 350F

My husband informed me that a "cupcake" needs here's his....ketchup! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

egg banner

When I saw this banner of pintrest I knew I just had to make one. I got a book at the thrift store for $.50 for the pages and cute the eggs out on my cricut. I then inked all the edges and glued it together. I simple folded the paper over the twine and stapled it.
LOVE how it looks! and love that it only took like 30 minutes!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

angry birds [life sized]

So with the new phones came the world of Angry Birds. My kids and husband love it, so we decided to have some fun and make our own game.
I saw something around that inspired the fun. Check them out here and here.
I started by spray painting some vegetable cans and a #10 can green. I then used a picture to help me see how to draw the pigs faces. I used a marker to draw them out, then craft paints to paint over them for the faces.

I got some of those great, cheap balls at WalMart for our birds. They were $1.50 each. I again used pictures to draw faces on and then painted over them. I painted all the colors I was using first and allowed them to dry, then did all the black painting and outlining at the end.

(Placing the balls in bowls is a great way to prop them up and keep them from rolling around.)

You'll see that I used A LOT of paint. There needs to be a thick layer on the balls or they will crackle with all the bouncing they do. Mine have been played with HEAVILY and I have had no problems with the paint due to how thick it is.

Here is a shot of all the paint I used. I used what I had on hand. You could use similar colors if you have them.

I got the TNT signs off one of those blogs up above. I loved the touch they added to our boxes.

Now just stack up different towers and go for it. We played for hours. It was so fun. We even lost one of my small pigs we were going so crazy. Let's just say there is $1 reward at my sister's house for who ever finds him! :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Alphabet

My kids finished this a while ago, but I realize I never documented it. It was so fun to make. As we studied the letters and did our phonices activities we would make something for each capital and lowercase letter for our wall to use as a reference when we needed it. The great thing about it is that now only does it show them what they letters should look like, but it gives them a picture to help them remember what it sounds like.
I got the idea here.

This has also inspired our newest car game. Someone picks a letter and then we think of things that start with that letter. It's been a lot of fun.

And here's a glance at our classroom as it has evolved this year...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

book of mormon scripture stickers

This year for our Family Night Lessons we are teaching our children scripture stories, specifically the prophets in the Book of Mormon. It has gone so well.
They love hearing the stories and they ask so many questions. It's great for me because I get to restudy the stories and focus on what the basic principles taught are so that I can point those out to my kids.
I use my Gospel Art Book and my scriptures. That's it. Simple and focused. (There's that word again!) :)

I found this great site that has amazing lessons and resources to help kids learn from the Book of Mormon. While I love it, it is a little above my kids age level right now.
I did find something that I love. Scripture stickers that you can make from the Book of Mormon Stories book. The pictures are much better than the stickers I've seen at Seagull or Deseret Book.
I am going to give a sticker to each of my kids after we learn about a prophet so they can put it in their Books of Mormon. I think this will help them understand that the stories they are being told and learning about come directly from there.
Check them out. Just get some clear photo sticker paper to print them on and you can easily read the words through them!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

st patty's day with our cousins

We had a great St. Patrick's Day. We stayed the night at my sister's and the party was on!
We woke up to so many crazy things. The leprechauns were busy that night. The whole hallway was booby trapped with a yarn maze, the milk was green, the table was decorated with gold and candy, and there were two little green footprints on the toilet seat and the water was green! Eeeww! :)
After finding all the funny pranks the leprechauns had played on us we settled down to a yummy breakfast of rainbow pancakes and whip cream.
(and yes, that is my daughter caught sneaking some whip cream in the picture!) :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

10 min scones

We love scones. Who doesn't?! But no one likes to take the time, make the mess, and do the dishes that all result from making them...especially when they are just a "side dish".
Solution: Rhodes Frozen White Dinner Rolls

Start by warming your oil. It will need time to heat while you defrost your rolls.
Place your desired amount of scones on a plate and defrost them in the microwave for 2-4 minutes (depending on how many you do. I usually do 10 for about 4 minutes) turning them over when they're half way done.
Slowly pull the rolls out in a streatching motion to make them bigger.
Fry them in oil until golden brown on one side, turn them over and fry the other side.

Cool them on papertowels to absorb exsess oil.

Serve warm with powdered sugar, honeybutter, or whatever your heart desires.