Sunday, March 18, 2012

book of mormon scripture stickers

This year for our Family Night Lessons we are teaching our children scripture stories, specifically the prophets in the Book of Mormon. It has gone so well.
They love hearing the stories and they ask so many questions. It's great for me because I get to restudy the stories and focus on what the basic principles taught are so that I can point those out to my kids.
I use my Gospel Art Book and my scriptures. That's it. Simple and focused. (There's that word again!) :)

I found this great site that has amazing lessons and resources to help kids learn from the Book of Mormon. While I love it, it is a little above my kids age level right now.
I did find something that I love. Scripture stickers that you can make from the Book of Mormon Stories book. The pictures are much better than the stickers I've seen at Seagull or Deseret Book.
I am going to give a sticker to each of my kids after we learn about a prophet so they can put it in their Books of Mormon. I think this will help them understand that the stories they are being told and learning about come directly from there.
Check them out. Just get some clear photo sticker paper to print them on and you can easily read the words through them!

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