Sunday, March 25, 2012

primary post

I knew once I posted about nursery I would be released, and I was. But all is not lost. I got put in the Primary Presidency and I am so excited about it. My good friend, Melinda, who is the president came up with this brilliant idea of the primary kids getting "mail".
So we made a mailbox. The kids will get post cards for their birthdays and cards for the assignments for the following week (talk, scripture, pray, etc.).
The kids are loving it and so are we. I love great ideas and seeing them happen.

I also labeled just about everything else! :) I just thought they turned out cute. We have a cute birthday bucket,

I fun tub for visitors to pick a prize,

We made a name system to let all the kids have a turn, (just 2 crystal light cans glued together with paper around them with the kids names on popsicle sticks)

and we decided to make a "I Chose the Right" jar for when kids share examples of how they chose the right during the week.

I even labeled our supply boxes in the cupboard to help us know what's in them.

This was one of the great ideas the pres came up with. It's a cute boot with a granola bar in it for when we kick kids out of primary and send them on their new adventure! :)

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