Thursday, January 27, 2011

craft night-valentine's day

I have been in the lovey-dovey mode for a while now and am getting very excited about Valentine's Day. I have never thought it to be a sad holiday, but then again, I am a little holiday happy.
So I co-hosted (with Aymee of course) my first craft night and it was a blast. We made Valentine's Day banners. Here's a taste of mine in the works and then done followed by some some yummy treats, and some of last year's and this year's projects.

We of course had to have cupcakes. The topper is just a 1' heart cut out on my cricut using the "Plantin School Book" Cartridge. I then hot glued them on tooth picks. I added glitter glue around the edges of some, but then stopped. I didn't love it.

These are red-velvet cake cookies Aymee made. They were inspired by Bakerella. If you don't know her blog yet, you'll want to. It is amazing. You use a cake mix and add only 2 eggs and 1/2 C of oil. Then roll them and plop them in powdered sugar. They will crackle out like that when they are cooked. Taste great, easy to make, and cute as ever!

Our party favors. They were the cutest little heart candles. The tag is embossed. A cute twist instead of just writing on it.

I took a bunch of old hearts and 2-toned painted them so that when sanded the under color would come through. I then measured them for vinyl letters and used my cricut and the "Lyrical Letters" font for the words. I really like how they turned out, I just have to figure out what to do with them now! :)

I love little things in frames for holidays. Here is one I did last year with just things I had around.

These were done with my cricut and the "Child's Year" cartridge. I absolutely LOVE them!

This was done of my cricut as well, using the same hearts that I used for my cupcake toppers. The edges of the printed paper are inked. The glitter heart is just cut our of glitter paper.

Last year when I up dated these letters with glitter(they were hideous before but only $.25 at a garage sale)...they inspired...

....these. (sorry, I don't know why the picture is sideways)They were just to clusters of very out-dated painted hearts. Your local thrift store is a great place to pick these kids of things up. Up-dating is not hard, especially when you can buy them for like $.50 each.

I was in a huge burlap mode last year and came out with some really cute things. This heart is just a long gathered piece of burlap on a coat hanger that is bent into a heart shape.

This was made with scraps of burlap and wood I had. I just nailed them on. I used my Cuttin' Up Cartridge on my Cricut for the letters. Freezer paper makes a great iron on stencil (as long as you used the shiny side down!).

I love these matching banners. They are over mirrored window's in my kid's toy room.

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  1. oh my, love the burlap 'love you' thing. love it all. i am so not crafty! i am a wannabe crafty person. i will copy people but never come up with it on my own...cute stuff!!