Wednesday, February 2, 2011

boy's bathroom

I redecorated my boy's bathroom about a year and a half ago. It was just navy and red with lighthouses...not very original, and no personal touch, so I was happy with the change. The best part about it was that all it cost was a few hand towels in different colors and a few frames.
The whole idea came from something I saw on a blog here. I water color with my kids a lot and this activity seemed perfect. I loved the idea of using their art to decorate with. All I had to do was cut out the shapes I wanted and the paste them on to a white piece of paper and then write on them. I picked up some frames to unite them all, and there you go!
The little felt creatures were so fun to make. I just cut them out from felt scraps I had. They were perfect to cover up the little lighthouse hooks I had.
This bathroom still makes me happy to this day....and that's what I call good design! :)
Hope you like it too!

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