Tuesday, April 17, 2012

chore chart tutorial

I finally decided on how I wanted to do my kids chore charts.  I don't know why it has been so hard for me to commit to one.  It's just a chore chart!  But those are the types of things that I get stuck on.
So here goes it.  It was simple, cheap, and quick.  All you have to do is know how to color, cut, and glue.  And all the child needs to be able to do is tell what the picture is of.  It only costs about $5 (plus glue cost-I already had it).  And you can finish it while you watch a movie.

You will need:
White Card Stock
Black Sharpie Pen
E-6000 Glue
Clear Rocks
 Trace your rock with your sharpie.
 Draw a picture to describe the job.  Remember that you will be cutting on the inside of the line.  Allow your picture to fit.
 Color your picture.  I have found that two tone colors have a nice effect and show through the rock well.

 Make sure to keep your rocks in order since each is shaped differently.
 Cut out your circle and put a dab of glue on the middle of the picture.  You will use the pressure your put on the rock to spread the glue until it covers the whole picture.
 Allow time to dry.
 When dry flip them over and use the same gluing method for the magnets.
 Be sure to lay them far apart when drying the magnets so they don't attract.  This will cause problems. :)
 When dry, place on magnetic board.  I simply wrote on mine with an EXPO marker.  The jobs that don't have to be done that day are next to the name.  The ones that need to be done are in the "do" pile.  When a job is completed it is simply slid over to the "done" side.
Jobs pictured:
Scripture Reading
Get Dressed
Make Bed
Feed Fish
Pick up Toys
Brush Teeth
Say Prayers
Take out Trash
Set Table

Jobs not pictured above:
Still need to make:
Snow shovel

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