Sunday, October 9, 2011

halloween tree and lanterns

Christmas gets a tree, so Halloween should too! I love me tree! I had been looking for ideas to spark my imagination and this is what did it.
I must admit that modpodging ornaments and painting them was just as fun and it was messy. The best thing about crafts like these it that my kids love them just as much as I do.

The lanterns have started to pop up all over the place, at least the pumpkins and ghosts, but I just had to have a spider and Frankenstein as well. Franky is my favorite. The spider doesn't light up as well, but it just as cute. I just glued some pipe cleaner to the bottom and got the look I wanted. This was simple. Just some jars, modpodge, tissue paper and floss for the faces. I love that my kids want them lit every night. That makes it all worth it.

(if you like the printable you can grab it from me here-I love when I can reference myself!) :)

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