Wednesday, October 5, 2011

halloween in print {free printables}

I'm proud to say that I love how this turned out. I needed a little something to finally take out my "Land that I Love" prints...yes, I know it's October...It is beautiful and simplistic. Hope you like it just as much....
as always...just click and snag it.

I needed something to go above my lanterns and next to my Halloween tree. I say this one, but was not totally in love, so this cutie was born. I love how it turned out. Click and grab it, which ever direction you would like.

I got this idea from HGTV. They have a great selection of great black and white Halloween decor. My house is split. My front, formal, part of my house is black and white and the rest, where we mainly do our living, is fun and colorful.

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