Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter in full bloom

I, sadly, didn't get to play around with Easter crafts as I would have loved this year due to my back going out. Thankfully I am usually ahead of the game as far as holidays go so that when it snuck up on me there wasn't too much I had to finish up. So here they are. This year's goodies....
These were Styrofoam eggs that I pinned circles on to. I was inspired my these. If doing this you need to start at the narrower end of the egg or else it will look like a pine cone when you are done.....yes, I learned that one the hard way! :)

These fabric covered eggs are so easy, fast, and messy! :) I just cut strips from some of my fabric scraps and mod-podged them on plastic eggs. I was inspired by these here.

These eggs just kind of came together. I got this great rabbit from my mom and I needed something to go with it. I had thought out newspaper and then I say these eggs here. That lead to twine, which lead to music covered eggs as well. I love vintage music paper right now, so I am sure I will find ways to use it again soon. There were just plastic eggs are well that I covered. I love how they turned out. They don't really match any of my other Easter decor, so they have a great home in my upstairs hall.

I had to make and "insect" egg frame as well. It was too simple not to. I cut the glitter egg in half to make it look cracked. It turned our great. I saw these yarn-covered carrots here and had to do them. They took a while to wined, but they were so cute that they were worth it.

Here is one of the Easter banners I made this year. I still can't decide which one I like best, but this one turned out cute.

And lastly, this egg garland that was made from paint-chip cards (that are free I might add!) is SOOOO cute. I stole the idea from here. They look so cute and fun in my kid's playroom. I made one for each of the window that mirror each other in there.

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