Tuesday, January 18, 2011

homemade (just like her)

Little girls are so fun to dress up. I have had fun with my new little one and have made a few cute outfits for her.
This was her first outfit for church. It was fun to make. I consulted with my good friend Aymee, who is a crafty queen. (and yes, her outfit was made out of her left over material from her room!)

I got this cute outfit from Children's Place and had to make a little cupcake shirt to go with it!

This one was made with iron-on jewels that I got from Wal-Mart. I was a little wary of them at first, but they haven't come off and I am loving them. Easy, cheap, and they stick! I thought it would be perfect for her ruffled jean skirt.

And here is her blessing dress that my mom made her, complete with french knots! It turned out so beautifully. I LOVE IT! I made a cute headband to go with it, and the bracelet was supplied by Chloe's girl cousins.


  1. Love the outfits, nursery, everything! Great job! Your kids are so cute, btw!!!


  2. cute stuffs, but I don't expect anything less from you!!