Tuesday, May 1, 2012

family table

I have been wanting to "fun up" my house for a while now.  I want to make sure that it is a place where my kids feel happy, comfortable, and welcome.  Where their toys, dirt, and artwork fit right in.  I am done with the "model" home feel.  So here's what we ended up with.
The kids and I love it.  We have been so much better at having family dinners at the table now.  Our old counter height table was just too big, fancy, and uncomfortable for a family table.  I love that I can just touch this one up when we get anything on it (which we already have done!). :)
I got the table off KSL, stripped it and painted it.  The chairs were from Ikea.  I just sanded those down too and painted them up.
The little basket I built and stained all by myself!  So much for overpriced baskets at the store! :)  Hobby lobby had one just smaller for $25.  Mine cost $5.

My wall decor is not quite done yet, but here's what I have so far.  My kids monograms ($12.  Letters from Hobby Lobby, fabric from WalMart), a duck for Chloe (she's obsessed with Ducks for some reason.  Can't get enough of them!), and clouds for my dreamer/imaginer, James.  I just used my cricut to cut vinyl.  Then I sprayed over it.  I am still coming up with how Sam will be represented.  We all know that nothing but trains exists in his world, I just don't want to be so literal.  It's been so fun and they love their art.
The hooks for their coats are awesome.  I had fun making them and putting them together.  Just a 1x8 board cut and stained.  Hooks mounted on front and the back is drill with screw holders.  I just need to build the little bench seat under them now to pull it altogether.
I love creating and developing skills.  It gets my mind and body going.
These are the fancy red stools I painted up.  I found just the ones I wanted for a great price on WalMart.com and stripped them.  They look so much better red!

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