Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Neighborhood Recipe Group

Our neighborhood has a great recipe group going and I decided it was high time I helped host one. With the Chinese New Year approaching, I thought, what a great and easy theme to throw together, especially since I knew I could get my neighbor, Aymee on board. She loves all things Asian and even has that influence in her home decor. So I called her up, volunteered her house and help! We partnered up with our friend Kristy and the rest feel into place.
I am not a chef by any means, so I claimed the two yummy things I had to contribute (Apricot Chicken and Chicken Won ton Salad) as well as being a pro at chocolate dipped fortune cookies!:) The rest of my contributions had to do with the decor of course. I am so pleased with how the labels all came out. It looked so good and professional.
Phewwww!!!! Another thing to finally check off my list!:)

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