Friday, December 16, 2011

felt-loop christmas tree

While making some really cute hair accessories for my niece for Christmas this idea started brewing in my mind, so I tried it out and I am so glad I did. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this turned out. My favorite projects are always the ones that just pop in your head, you do it, and magically it just works.
Just cut your felt in strips twice as wide as you want. Then fold them over and glue the long side. Then snip the felt to the glue (on the long side) every 1/4-1/2 inch. Glue around your cone and repeat. The star is the same concept, just spiraled in a downward motion (so as to fit on the tip).
I just 12x12 green card stock for the cone, 4 colors of felt (one for the star), twine, and 2 bells.
Wool felt is my favorite to work with, my the ivory is just the $.25 a sheet felt. The project only took like 20 minutes and that was with my 1 year old in my lap.-Now that's what takes talent. I grabby 1 year old and a very hot glue gun....I have most of the feeling in my finger tips still! :)

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