Sunday, July 10, 2011

vinyl craze

I am loving vinyl. I always have, but it seems lately that I have been putting it everywhere.
I got theses great watering cans from IKEA for $.99. My boys love to help me water our garden and my old ugly green one was just not cutting it.

I made this weekly menu a while ago. I have loved using it, but have now found a new way to organize myself, so it's off to my sisters for it.

I love my big metal canisters, but could never see what was it them since their home in on the top shelf. Now when I open my pantry to use one, not only do I know which one to get, but I smile too! :) (yes I am a geek when it comes to gives me a natural high!) :)

I had to dress up my laptop. I've loved this decal even more since now my husband said he won't use my computer anymore! :)

Here are two more things I have done to give you a sneak peak at how our at home classroom is coming along.

I got this great clock idea from here. I used a fake, hallow book for the center, and then just wrapped some books I had with cute paper and used vinyl for the numbers and words. The clock kit was from Hobby Lobby for about $6. I am SUPER happy with how it turned out.
Vinyle even found its way on to my toes! :)

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