Friday, June 17, 2011

"x" marks the spot

...or is it just a paperclip?! :)
Every month I try to think of something to make/do for the girls I Visit Teach. This is a program my church has for the women to help look out for each other, up-lift one another, and get to know one another.
Making something for them is a way in which I am able to get excited about seeing them and talking with them, and it helps me to stop and think about them during the month, not just when I visit them.
Here is the latest thing I have done for them. When I saw this idea online i just had to do it. I am always looking for ways to mark certain readings in my scriptures. Between my personal reading, family reading, sunday school, and favorites, I don't have enough ribbons to mark them. So here is my solution.

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