Sunday, May 1, 2011

girly baby shower

We had a great shower for my sister-in-law this week. It has been a long time coming. I have been doing a lot to have it be the best shower ever. My other sister-in-law hosted it, my mom did the food, and I decorated and did the games.
It turned out great. Her mom was able to be there and then we just had our family there. It was very intimate and fun. The food was great. My mom of course made the cutest treats.
We got this idea from a blog that had done it in blue for a boy. We of course had to have a rubber duckie punch that was pink!

Cupcake rattles with lollipop sicks and gumdrops.

Marshmallow booties with paper cups of mints.

Toast bibs with cheese, meat and garnishes.

I love decorating for parties. I went over early that morning so that it would be ready for that evening. It was fun to set up and see where things would look good. I even brought my laptop and had a slide show of the pictures I had taken of the baby's nursery so that everyone could see what a great job she had done making it all.

I made cute pink clothes pins for the "cute" game. And I had great prizes for each winner. It was a great motivator.
I made these cute little game folders for each person with the game card in them.
We played:
Clothes Pin "cute" Game
Guess her Belly with Yarn
How many Kisses in the Jar
The Tray Game
Baby ABC's
Baby Word Scramble
Nursery Rhyme Time
We all had a great time playing the games.

We also filled out "Words of Wisdom" for her and gathered them for her to keep. It was fun to be able to each tell her at least one thing we had learned and would want to pass on.
I made her a diaper cake, a "baby sleeping" sign, and a hooded towel. It was the first time I had made a diaper cake and the sign, but I think they turned out SOOO good. The towels are something I have done for a while now. I have them for my kids and they are the best.

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