Saturday, March 5, 2011

color me green

So I am still loving all the fun ideas I am finding and coming up with for St. Patrick's Day. It is getting me way excited for the big day and the fun we are going to have around here.
So here's some of my latest....
I saw a picture of this done digitally and couldn't resist making it with real buttons. I LOVE how it turned out. It took a lot of time arranging, but I think that real buttons looks so much more fun.

An ikea born idea, I love how cheap and simple this was. Ikea sells packs of tea candles in colors. Just buy a pack of greens, fill a jar, vase, whatever, and it is a nice touch of green.

Made always has cute ideas, and I loved this one. I love the idea of having a shamrock bean bag toss, but would probably just make them out of green fabric. She made a million of these. One was enough for me. I didn't love sewing on vinyl.

I copied these paper globes that she did for Valentine's day. I love the little touch of green that they add. They were surprisingly easy, but I do suggest that you use your glue gun to assemble them.

I am loving all the free printables out there right now. Tip Junkie is where I find most of mine. She takes me to others sites and I just keep going! :) They are so cute and great for frames, toppers, and party favors. There are cute "kiss me I'm irish" and "keep calm and pinch on" printable that are to die for.

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