Tuesday, January 18, 2011

chloe's room

Let's start with what has been my big on-going project since welcoming my beautiful baby girl. I didn't know her gender until her birth, so it has been a fun whirlwind trying to pull it altogether.
It's been done for awhile now, but I did just finish the mobile. The bumper is next week. Let's hope it turns out. I'm excited for it.
Some notable things in the room:
The art piece is a watercolor of Chloe's Great, Great Grandmother S. The rocking chair is an antique given to her by her Grandma T. The recliner is an antique from her M side. The dresser was given to us by a neighbor who was moving, I just antiqued it and added pink nobs.
Everything was made by myself and my mom. The lamp shade was just white until recovered. The doll was inspired by a doll a saw at a craft show(I wish I knew who to credit). The mobile is inspired by Natalie, who introduced me to lollipopworkshop, and the inspiration for this post was Alana, who I ran into at Robert's last night! :) Funny how you can find inspiration in the most random of places at the most random of times!

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